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Experienced Excellence

Trademark.Legal is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals develop, protect, grow and enforce their intellectual property rights, through superior legal trademark counsel and representation at low, cost-effective prices.  Our Team at Trademark.Legal provides all manner of trademark prosecution services, domestically and worldwide.

With Trademark.Legal, you can expect to receive top-dollar trademark legal counsel, but don't expect to pay top-dollar pricing of large law firms.  Our specialty knowledge in the field of trademarks allows us to deliver low-cost, flat-fee pricing for the vast majority of our services.

Trademark applications prosecuted by experienced trademark attorneys are 50% more likely to register than those handled by inexperienced, non-attorney applicants, according to a study by the Stanford Law Review.  After a USPTO Examiner issues an Office Action, representation by an experienced trademark attorney makes success 68% more likely, the study shows.  Our Trademark.Legal attorneys are uniquely experienced in this nuanced area of law, enabling us to deliver the knowledge and strategies you need to maximize your chances of obtaining a successful registration.  

Don’t get fooled by mass filing services online or trademark mills staffed with countless paralegals and few attorneys.  Use of these outfits, providing inferior legal counsel, quite often leads to further complications and unnecessary costs down the line.  Have a qualified, respected, licensed trademark attorney, with a proven record of success, handle your case with the expediency, sophistication and personalized, attention to detail it requires.  Call the attorneys at Trademark.Legal to receive your FREE consultation today!

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Proper protection of your trademarks, service marks and logos provide many benefits, including a presumption of ownership across the entire country, as well as a shield against claims of infringement.  Our office represents clients in all stages of the trademark application process, both domestically and abroad.

  • USPTO Trademark Application 1x Class = $650 legal + gov. filing fees

  • Each Additional Class = $350 legal + gov. filing fees

  • USPTO Conflict Knock-Out Search = $450 

  • International & Madrid Applications

  • Registration Maintenance

  • Renewals

  • Assignments / Change of Ownership

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Having successfully responded to hundreds of USPTO Office Action refusals, our attorneys specialize in drafting legal arguments proven to persuade even the toughest Examiners on the closest issues.  Many procedural refusals can be handled for as little as $250.  Call our office for a thorough analysis and honest assessment of your case from a qualified trademark attorney.

  • Procedural Refusals

  • Likelihood of Confusion Refusals

  • Descriptive / Generic Refusals

  • Specimen Refusals / Statement of Use Filings

  • Color Claim / Mark Description Refusals

  • Disclaimer / Translation Refusals

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We specialize in Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings, bringing with us an in-depth knowledge of Trial and Appeal Board rules, procedure and the legal analysis necessary to win, while still providing low-cost, flat-fee pricing for each stage of TTAB litigation.

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At Trademark.Legal, our attorneys have represented clients in copyright infringement demands and proceedings, internet domain disputes, trade secret misappropriation disputes, false advertising and right of publicity matters.  However, our primary focus is on trademark infringement and unfair competition claims.  We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves.  An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their budget and legal needs.  

If you've received a Cease & Desist demand letter, you need legal representation immediately.  If you find someone infringing on your trademark(s), acting swiftly can prevent irreparable harm to your brand.  Call our office for a free initial consultation and honest assessment of your case from one of our qualified intellectual property attorneys.

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